5 Ways To Improve Memory When Studying

There are times when you have to study for a test at school, college or maybe even for a test at work in order to get that promotion that you’ve been wanting. It can be hard trying to settle down and concentrate to study. You might be thinking of many other things such as what’s for dinner, a special date that you might be going on later and so on. When you are not focused then you tend to forget things. Other people might just have a hard time remembering because of things that can be happening in their life right now. Whatever the reason might be there are always ways to improve your memory. Here are 5 ways to improve memory when studying.

1. When You Are Reading Make Sure To Involve Yourself.

A lot of people just read and then find themselves quickly getting bored and more so if they are studying for a test. Talk to yourself when you are reading and ask yourself questions such as what might be happening now and what might happen next. Comment on something out loud that you find interesting and make a note of it mentally. Summarize the sections that you are reading and this might take some training to do but worth it.


2. Visualize What You Are Reading

Try to imagine what you are reading. This will involve including images and putting yourself there.  Example, if you read the Harry Potter series you might try to picture yourself at the school being there with them and participating in the spells with them. You can apply this method to all of your school books like history. If you are reading about some sort of political event or war that happened place yourself being there at that time and picture everything.


3. Take Notes or Record Notes Out loud

Pay close attention to the notes that you are writing and just don’t scribble the notes down without thinking about them. Write or record the moments that jump out at a the page that you think might be important or that you want to remember such as dates.  Review the notes that you wrote after you have finished studying and keep reviewing them throughout the day. Don’t just look at them once and then toss them aside because that would be a waste of time.


4. Take Breaks When Studying

Always make sure that you don’t study for hours on end without taking a break. It’s actually recommended that you study for at least 45 minutes and then that you take a break but just don’t  take like a 5 minute break. Take at least a good 15 or 20 minute break. When you are taking a break get up and walk around, do some activity and just enjoy yourself. This is a great way to refresh yourself. The brain can get sluggish if you don’t take any breaks and might make it hard to memorize something. If you watch the video below you will discover some fun things to do on your break.


5. Make Sure That You Get Plenty Of Sleep and Eat Healthy

It can be difficult trying to stay focused and memorizing things when you don’t get enough sleep. Learn when it’s time to put the books down and just go to bed. You should always get at least 6/8 hours of sleep at night. Eating healthy also provides energy and it’s also good for your brain when you eat healthy.