5 Ways To Discover Your True Self

There are times in life when we get so caught up in just stuff that we neglect our true self. When that happens you might find yourself doubting a lot of things or might not be as confident in yourself as you would like to be. Many negative things can happen when you neglect your true self. One way to prevent that from happening is with simply discovering and finding your true self. When you start connecting to yourself then you will be more at peace with many things going on in your life.

Here are 5 ways to discover your true self and experience inner growth.

meditar21. Take some time out just for yourself and schedule some time for yourself. If you have a very hectic schedule then make sure that you take time out for you. Book appointments for yourself so you will always have a space open so you can have time to yourself. When you can get that time then go to a place that is quiet. Don’t just use that time to watch TV. Turn your cell phone off. Use this time to also meditate and think positive about connecting with yourself.

2. Write in your journal or on your mobile device daily. Write down the thoughts that you might consider to be private. When you are writing down your thoughts try not to get side tracked and just focus on the topic that you are thinking about at that moment. If you find yourself angry about something that you did then write it down and learn to let go of it. Don’t hang onto something and eat yourself up with guilt. This will make it very hard to discover your true self. When your mind becomes clear of all negative things then try to meditate and start connecting with your true self.

3. Write down the people that inspire you in your life. Write down their good qualities and discover why they inspire you. Maybe one or both of your parents inspire you. If so write down their best quality. Do you value the qualities that those people have in yourself? Maybe you view your dad as being wise – do you think your a wise person? Write down the good qualities that you have or the qualities that you would like to have. If there are qualities that you would like to have then write down goals as to how you can achieve those qualities.

4. If you had no limits in your life what would you do with your life? Often times we all say at one point “if only I could do that….” or “what would happen if I did have..”. Try and describe what you want out of life without thinking about the limits. Are you successful at being a chef? Would you like to be the next Lady Gaga? Often times these type of questions help to open our eyes because you start to verbalize then usually you list what you feel might be missing in your life and sometimes find that what you want might not be far off from you. When you start connecting to your true self then you will be able to work towards those things because you will be aligning the inner expectations that you have in life. Start to visualize how close you are in getting what you want and see yourself having that successful career, successful relationship or whatever it is that you would like to have out of life.

5. If no one would ever judge you then what purpose do you think that you would have in life? Write down the moments that you find yourself proud of and the times you felt that you were successful in your life. Acknowledge the accomplishments that you have done. Write down what you really enjoy and that you might find easy to do. Write down what all you would like to do next in your life and what it might take for you to get there. Come up with new goals and new things that you would like to accomplish in your life and aim towards them without worrying about what other people might think about it.

Be Patient with Yourself

There are times when we might fail in a situation or either do something wrong but try and learn from your mistakes. When you are doing meditation learn from what you did and then let go of it. Discovering your true self might not happen overnight so just be patient with yourself and enjoy life.