Stop Making Excuses and Start Breaking Bad Habits Today

If you need to break a bad habit and have been promising to do this for awhile and have not yet then you need to stop making excuses and just break that habit today. When you don’t break your habits it could cause you to have a low self esteem problem and much more.

Here are a few tips with helping you break the bad habit that you have and hopefully the process won’t be as painful.

how-to-overcome-bad-eating-habits874266622-jun-20-2012-600x400Focus on just one habit at a time. Maybe you need to stop smoking, lose weight, and even possibly stop with biting your nails. These habits can take awhile to break and while it might be tempting to try and break them at once you will find yourself getting frustrated and then you’ll fall right back into your habit. Instead of doing them all at once pick and prioritize the habit that you might need to work on more. If you are unsure then talk with your doctor or your friends to see if they can help you with what habit you need to first break and make that habit your only focus.

Learn how to take everything one day at a time. If you think that you can never do something then you won’t do it. Instead concentrate on just kicking that bad habit for one day. When you overcome that habit for the day then repeat the habit tomorrow. Add in some good goals per day and at the end of the week award yourself. If you make a mistake then don’t feel guilty for it. Just learn and pick up again the next day. Don’t let one failure prevent you from breaking your habit.

Recruit positive friends. When you are able to talk with someone about your habit you will be amazed as to how much this will help you. If you do not trust your friends or might not have anyone that you can talk with then look online and see if you can find forums that might be able to support you. There are lots of forums that have chatrooms and boards available for you to help encourage you to lose weight, stop smoking or can help you with something else. The main thing is for you to know that you are not alone in this habit and that someone is there to help you out when needed.

bhaktiyoga1Replace a bad habit with a habit that is good for you. Instead of having nothing but junk food all of the time switch that habit and start having healthy snacks instead. If you need to stop smoking then start chewing gum or sucking on candy to help you with overcoming this habit. If you bite your nails often then get a ball that you can squeeze and whenever you feel the urge to bite your nails squeeze the ball instead. There are many things that you can do to replace the bad habit.


You should always prepare yourself for any weak moments that you might come up suddenly when you are trying to overcome your bad habit. Throw out all of the bad things that you have in your home that might make it tempting to eat something that you shouldn’t or throw out those packs of cigs that you have near you. Start saying positive affirmations about overcoming your bad habit and in time your bad habit will go away.