5 Ways To Overcome Shyness

Have you ever walked into a room and be surrounded by just strangers and then you start to feel awkward or self-conscious because of it? Maybe you want to approach someone and talk with them about business and find yourself shy or hesitant and end up not doing it. When Anxiety creeps up on you and makes you feel awkward then you might find yourself saying no and it could cause many problems in your life. Opportunities could get missed and much more

Here are 5 ways to overcome shyness for when that type of situation happens.

shyness-pic1. First understand about the shyness you have. How does shyness manifest in your life? What causes your shyness to trigger? When you feel the shyness coming on what concerns you the most at that point? Write all of these down and see if you start to understand your shyness. If you don’t understand where it’s coming from then it might be hard to overcome it.

2. Instead of feeling self-consciousness switch it to self-awareness. You might feel as if everyone is looking at you and more so if you are in a room full of strangers. The great news is that the world is actually not all looking at you. People often times get busy with just looking and focusing on themselves. Don’t watch yourself as to how other people might be watching you. Bring the awareness that you have inwards. Once you understand more of what makes you get shy then start seeking from within yourself and then you can observe your own presence of thinking.

3. What strengths do you have? All of us have different and unique ways of how we express ourselves. You should fully accept and know what it is that you do well in and how you might differ from other people. The world would get boring fast if we all ended up doing the same thing. Write down yoru strengths and see how you can improve them and make them even better.

4. Start not just liking yourself but love yourself. You are unique and there is no one in the world like you. Appreciate yourself and write love letters to yourself. Be thankful for the body that you have and all of the functions that it does daily. Spend time with yourself and get to know what all you can do. If you struggle with low self-esteem then this is a great way to boost up your esteem.

5. Do not conform. It can be very tiring when you are trying to be like everyone else in the room. It will also not be fun and you could end up missing out on a lot of fun because you are trying to hard with conforming to how you think that you should be instead of being yourself. When the day is done just remember that sometimes just being popular won’t make you feel good and happy about yourself. You will only feel good if people know the real you so accept the qualities that you have.


Focusing on other people in a social situation is one of the main reasons why people get shy. Instead of paying attention to them start trying to learn about the others and find out what it is that you like about that person. If you still feel the shyness coming on then take deep breaths and clear your mind of all negative thoughts.