5 Tips On How To Overcome Jealousy and Break Free

Jealousy can cause relationships to suddenly end. Jealousy can hurt other people in many ways. It can break up best friends. Jealousy is one of the worst killers ever.  Jealousy causes only the negative to happen and can erase all the positive that you might have built in a relationship.

Don’t let jealousy destroy your life. Instead, overcome jealousy and break free from jealousy with these 5 tips.

Break Free Of Jealousy1. First Learn How To Observe Then Accept The Feelings and Thoughts of Jealousy You Have

There’s no need to try and deny the thoughts of jealousy. The moment you realize that you might be jealous about something start taking deep breaths and breathe in slowly. Remember, when you are dealing with jealous emotions that are not the same as dealing with reality. Maybe you think that your lover could be interested in dating someone else but you might find out that there is no way that your partner would ever think that way. Thoughts and reality are not the same.

2. Pick Not To Obey The Thoughts and Feelings You Are Having

When you experience some events in your life those thoughts of jealousy might come back and increase. Again, you will need to accept those feelings of jealousy and then allow that feeling to be. There is no need to get rid of this jealous feeling just because you are having it. Instead, focus on standing back then observing that the feeling of jealousy is there with you and in time you will notice that it starts to weaken by itself.

Don't Be Jealous3.  Uncertainty Happens In Almost All Relationships

Most of the worries that you have tries to seek after some sort of certainty and that is the case with jealousy. You might want to know for sure that you will be getting that raise at work and not the other person. Maybe you want to know for sure your lover will not break up. You have got to accept the fact that uncertainty is a big part of life. You might never know when your partner or boss could reject you but if you start trying to punish or either demand things then you could make it come to pass.

4. Examine All Assumptions That You Have In Your Relationships

See if the jealousy that you have might be fueled with ideas that could be unrealistic with all the relationships and friendships that you have. Maybe you feel that other relationships or co-workers or even a boss in the past might threaten your current love life or position that you have in the office. Some also feel that emotions could be a possible sign that something is wrong when that is not the case and this is called “emotional reasoning” and can lead to making some bad decisions. Write down the assumptions that you have going on and review all of the ones that might be unrealistic.

5. Think Positive and Start Using Relationship Skills Which Might Be Effective

Stop thinking negative about the relationship you are in. Don’t think negative about what is going on at work. Start praising people around you more including your lover. Try your best to refrain from voicing criticism unless if it is needed. When you start trying to voice criticism do it in a loving way and not with any sarcasm or labeling. Spend time with your lover and also with your co-workers. Get to know your lover and communicate with them. Make your co-workers and also your boss feel appreciated for the work that they do.


A relationship cannot feel secure whenever jealousy is present. If you find yourself still having problems with jealousy then talk with a friend or either a professional that can help with giving you advice so you can overcome jealousy and break free from it.