The 7 Chakras and What They Represent

How do chakras work and how can chakras change your life? Let’s take a close look right now as to how chakras can benefit your health and body.

Chakra means a spinning wheel, vortex or either circle. Chakras happen to be the major center of the spiritual powers that’s within your human body. Our physical body is overlaid with a non physical body which is known as our spirit or soul.

The 7 ChakrasPicture a chakra as a circle of energy that flows through the body and the energy helps with running your body, mind going to go over the 7 major chakras and what they represent.

  • First Chakra:  aka Kundalini Chakra, base chakra or also known as the root chakra

This is located at the end of your spine. The red Maladhara mandala represents this element which is also known as the element and your soul. If you do not perform the chakra properly then it could cause health problems and even could cause problems with your health. There are many chakras that are in our bodies but for right now I’m only of fire. A dragon or snake symbolizes this area. The first chakra is what helps to keep you grounded to the earth. It has a major influence on your energy, immune system, basic impulses, endurance, instincts and flight reactions plus many other things. It can help to activate your energy, activity, action, exercise and also your vitality.

  • Second Chakra: Sacral Plexus

The second chakra is often called the sexual chakra. It is located in your lower abdomen behind which is two inches from your belly button and that is your womb area. It’s the element of water, which is symbolized by a fish. The sacral plexus is the foundation of your emotions, atmospheres and your sensations. It controls all of your emotions that you have daily. It can also influence love, sexuality, sensuality and physical force. It can also influence the kidneys, bladder, spleen and many other things around the lower abdomen part of your body.

  • Third Chakra: Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is located at the base of your rib cage. The yellow Manipura represents this chakra and birds is the symbol of the third chakra. This chakra is the foundation of your mental body. You can pick up vibrations and many other things with the third chakra. It influences the gallbladder, liver, digestion, the nervous system and many other things. You will be able to relax a lot more when the Solar Plexus is balanced.

  • Fourth Chakra: heart

The fourth chakra is located around your heart and in the center of your chest. The green Anahata Mandala represents the fourth area. Four legged mammals also symbolize this area. The one thing to remember is that the three lower chakras are all about relating to personal energy and then the three chakras which are higher happen to be related to the self within your collective conscious. The heart is the foundation of your astral body and therefore the connection that is between your physical and spiritual body. Love is what drives the fourth chakra. The heart can influence forgiveness, trust, empathy, compassion, equilibrium and many other things. You can connect with nature and the plant world with the fourth chakra. It can also influence the lungs, circulation, thymus, immune system and your endocrine.

  • Fifth Chakra: Throat

This chakra is located at the base of the neck in your throat. The blue Vishuddha mandala represents the fifth chakra. The human race is the symbol of the throat. It can influence dreaming, judgment, communication, self belief, truthfulness, wisdom, artistic expression and dreaming. It has physical influences on areas such as your thyroid gland, mouth, throat, teeth and your immune system. When the throat chakra is balanced then you will be happy and centered

  • Sixth Chakra: Brow Chakra or Third Eye

The third eye is in the middle of your forehead and linked to your eyebrows. It’s represented by indigo Ajna mandala and it’s the element of light and electricity. The spirit symbolizes this chakra. The third eye helps with clairvoyance and psychic powers. It can help with our imagination, insight, concentration, and intuition.  It can influence the vision, eyes, central nervous system, nose, pituitary gland and brain.. When balanced you’ll feel more in control of your life and your courage will increase so you can do what you want in life.

The 7 Chakras And Their Names

  • Seventh Chakra: Crown Chakra

This is known as the crown chakra because it is located right on top of your head known as the crown area. It’s represented by violet colors and the sacred spirits symbolize the seventh chakra. It is the foundation of the spiritual body and can influence inspiration, celestial knowledge, spiritual will, idealism and can help to connect us to the universe. It can physically influence the central nervous system, cerebral cortex, hormones, pituitary gland and your pineal gland. When balanced you’ll feel a release from any desires which might be ego driven. You’ll be able to trust your higher guidance more. You will feel more confident about yourself when this is working properly and have more peace about situations going on in your life.


Make sure that if you decide to seek a cleaning for your chakras that it is done by someone who’s a professional and has had years of experience in this area.