How To Awaken Your Third Eye Part Two

After getting acquainted with the article regarding the Pineal Gland, you may realize there is more information you need to know. You need to understand that your body needs time to adjust to the newly awakened power; it now has to deal with and you may also have to deal with an intense pressure, in the center of your forehead. It may even develop into a headache, but not everyone will see the same effects.

third-eye-chakra-balancingThe Pineal Gland is your doorway to your spirituality. It is literally a door way to other realms. Things that you may want to expect from your awakened Pineal Gland, may include any or all of these gifts to varying degrees of ability:

Easier learning and retention of things you learn
Increase in creativity and intuition
Possibility of the ability to see or sense human auras
The possibility of Clairsentience, (psychic feeling/touching)
The possibility of Clairaudience, (or psychic hearing)
The possibility of Clairvoyance, (or psychic vision)

If you are a lucky person who already has a few of these psychic abilities then these gifts may be stronger, than they ever have been.

The next series of steps should not be done, until a two week time period has past. Since the first exercise for awakening the Pineal Gland, has been completed. Your body needs this time to adjust.

If you are ready, let’s begin.

Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for a count of five. Do this a total  of four times
so that  you will be relaxed.

Make sure to focus,
all of your attention should be upon your Pinel Gland
You should begin to feel  similar  effects as the first  exercise  (a slight  amount of pressure on the area of your third eye).
Now, deeply inhale, as you did in the first exercise.
Hold it, not too long, and exhale, vibrating  “MAY.”
M-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay, as long as your breath is exhaling,
You should do this a total of five times.
Your tone as before should be alto.
As in the first exercise, you will need to match the pitch, for your Pineal Gland, you will feel it
when you do.

It is very important, that you understand,
When vibrating, you will feel the energy going into your head,
your third eye area, will be first
middle section of your brain, will be next
then the top of your head ( crown chakra )

REMEMBER: Focus on your third eye

● Breathe in.
● Begin to exhale, vibrating “MAY.”
● Concentrate on the Pineal Gland and then the center of your brain
●Concentrate on the crown your head
● Finish exhaling with while vibrating
● Total of five times

This exercise is extremely enjoyable. Immediately following the exercise you may experience a feeling of lightness.

Some may feel an airy feeling or maybe tingling, inside their skulls.
The crown may feel an intense euphoria.

The blissfulness can occur even days after the second exercise. Unlike exercise one, do this exercise once a week.  The blissful effects can last for some time when done and eventually become permanent.  This will also greatly assist with clairvoyance, meditation, and developing other paranormal senses or abilities.