How To Attract Love Into Your Life

If you are feeling angry or either sad or maybe even restricted due to your health, job, weight or because of relationships in the past then you might find yourself attracted to someone else who might also have these same feelings. When you have problems with your parents or issues at school, the same thing goes in that you have a high chance of attracting people who also deal with those problems. How does this happen?

Let’s say that your father left and abandoned you when you were young. You might find yourself in a relationship with someone that might be afraid of being able to commit with you. If you had a parent who was angry and yelled at you a lot then you might have a partner who has a temper. Before you start thinking about falling in love again or having a new relationship with someone it is important that you attract the right kind of love so you can have a healthy life. How do you go about attracting the right one into your personal life?


Before you invite a new love in your life you must first let go of old former flames and relationships. There might be lots of resentment, anger and guilt buried deep inside of you. Donate or either throw away letters, gifts or cards that might be from your ex which could bring back hurtful memories. Talk with a professional and release all of the anger, regrets and sadness that you have deep inside. If you do not want to see a professional then talk with someone that you can trust but the main thing is, to let go of feelings that might prevent you from being able to move on. After you have done this you can then go to the next step.

rose-quartz-crystal-pyramid.15624252_stdCreate a crystal grid or either you can buy a crystal grid online. Write down positive affirmations such as “only the right one to love me is attracted to me at this moment” then you put the crystal grid or rose quartz right on top of your affirmation.  Try your best to get a stone that is either shaped like an obelisk or pyramid. This way it sends out energy to the universe. Make sure that you can see the grid every day and keep it out and think positive when you look at it. When you’re involved in a new partnership or relationship with someone then write down something like “my relationship will grow in passion, respect, love plus devotion and commitment each day”.


Remember, you should always love yourself and once you start loving yourself more then you will be able to attract and bring in a new love. Each day plan something fun such as giving  yourself a nice peaceful bath or maybe treat yourself to a cup of coffee and talk with a friend. Don’t be afraid to experience new things. Open up your heart and be ready for some adventure because you never know what might happen.