The Benefits of Using Essential Oils Daily

Essential oils are often overlooked by the general population. Let’s face it; companies fill the shelves of our local stores with all kinds of merchandise. It smells good and feels good, the packaging is pretty too. When it comes right down to it, what are we getting for our money? What are we using on our bodies? Is it good for us in the long term? I have thought about these questions time and time again. I know you have too.

I have decided I want to use as many all natural products, as possible. Now I know it isn’t always possible. That realistically, I get in a hurry from time to time, or just want to try something, to see if the company makes good on the promises, that they make.  However, I find that I am making more and more of my own things, with recipes I find. Just because I know exactly what is going in them. I can change up the recipes to suit my own taste, or likes and dislikes.

aromatherapy-essential-oilsWhat I would like to discuss with you is essential oils, they are concentrated oils, made from different parts of different plant. The oils have different components that affect us in different ways. Therefore they can be used in a variety of ways. They benefit our bodies in different ways, but the fact that they are not man made chemical additives to our lotions and soaps, (and many other items), is a wonderful thing. I would like to give you a few examples of what some essential oils can do for you.

They give us the ability to enhance feelings of positivity and effect on your mind and body. It is also an anti inflammatory. All of this, along with its delightful aroma, is why the Rose, has one of the most popular essential oils of all time.

Another great essential oil to use when you need something to calm your nerves and give you a boost of energy is Mandarin. It is believed to help with depression, and other mental fogs.

One of the all time favorites for soothing irritated skin including eczema and even inflammation caused by arthritis is Chamomile. Yes, it is a wonderfully soothing and relaxing tea, but it also works well in lotions.

If reducing infection and inflammation is what you’re after, you may consider Lavender as an answer. It is very popular in cleaning supplies, and smells great. It helps calm you, and even helps brighten your mood.

When this next essential oil is mentioned everyone often thinks of candy. You can buy the candy that is made with natural peppermint. When you choose to eat this candy while suffering from a headache; you will often times see a decrease in the pain. It has other benefits as well. It can relieve sore and stiff muscles, and helps clear sinus passages. Peppermint is not just a candy, and is also a great tea for relaxing.

Tea tree works wonders on parasites, and fungus. It can also be used to cleanse intimate areas. Using it in a douche, by diluting it down, is an effective means to treat a yeast infection.
Easing stress, lowering blood pressure, and a calming effect, are only a few of Ylang ylang’s great attributes.

There are many more essential oils available for your use. I believe natural is the way to go when making a choice for your body. Just remember natural can be dangerous too, be careful no matter what you choose.