How To Be Calm When There Is Drama

I don’t know about you, but when my blood pressure starts to rise. I swear I can feel my face getting hot. I feel my muscles start tensing up and often times it happens when I find myself in a troublesome situation. When drama is not just knocking it is downright banging and kicking at my door. “GO AWAY!”, “Take that drama, somewhere else, leave me alone!” Come on people, Do whatever it is you need to do, but get your life under control. This isn’t high school. Your life shouldn’t be in a constant downward spiral, waiting for a crash landing. It’s time for happier times.

no_drama_allowed_sticker-p217927990155908180z85xz_400Of course, if you’re anything like me. You have to open the door, to help your family & friends with their issues, even if it runs the risk of getting yourself, all worked up, and upset. We’ll I have found a few things, that may help you to relieve, some of your stress in a hurry.  I thought I would share them with you. Just like you often times you might find yourself kind enough to share yourself with someone in need or an unexpected and stressful situation that popped up out of nowhere. Here’s how you can relieve stress and feel calmness again.

Breathe deeply. Inhaling deeply through your nose, and exhaling completely, evenly , and slowly, helps reduce tension, try doing this in several repetitions of five. You should notice a difference.

Chewing gum helps reduce stress for some people. Studies have shown that chewing will make us less anxious, and we will have less cortisol in our saliva.

Talk with someone. Talk to someone who will listen to you, about the issue, and maybe offer some advice or help in resolving the issue.

Cuddle. Try cuddling with a child or your pet, maybe even your spouse, (hopefully they are not the one that has you stressed out.)

Drink tea. A good example would be chamomile, which has been used for centuries, because of its soothing effect. If you would like to reduce your blood pressure by ten percent (over six weeks), try drinking Hibiscus tea. It has other health benefits also.

Listen to music. There are wide varieties of relaxation music out there. Sometimes all you need is some of your own favorites, without interruption.

Take a walk. Walking releases stress, so take a walk in the park or along a shore, the environment itself can often help ease your stress levels. Any kind of exercise really, will help.

Enjoy some scents. There are a lot of scents that help ease our minds.  Ylang ylang is known for easing anxiety, it’s scent releases endorphins, that boost your mood and lowers blood pressure.

Meditate or pray. Taking time to concentrate on something else, seems to work well.

However you decide to handle the drama in your life. I hope you keep these in mind so you can get through the stressful situation a lot quicker and with not so many long term effects. Maybe you will be the example that others will follow.