When Things Do Not Go Your Way Avoid Thinking Negative

People think that positive thinking is something that can happen overnight and then when the time comes to think positive they battle and struggle with it. The secret with positive thinking is that this is a very specific skill and you first must practice and become good at this skill so that way you will be able to think positive naturally.

Positive thinking is like when you first learned how to drive. It took a lot of time and patience for you to learn how to drive that car. Many people pay someone to teach them how to drive. It might even take you a couple of years to learn depending on how hard it might be for you. However, in time you found yourself with a drivers license and able to drive.

There are many people who think positive but they remain average with their thinking. In time they start to see some minor improvements but nothing happens very fast for them. Why? More than likely because they have stopped trying to learn how to grow and improve. Just because you think positive does not mean that you don’t need to improve.

negative-thinking-300When things don’t go your way or something has changed and you aren’t happy with the results, don’t start thinking negative about it. This will stop the positive things that could come out of your situation. Break out of the habit of negative thinking when things don’t go a certain way. Instead, review what happened and see if there is something that you can learn from it. Be grateful for what happened even if you do not understand it all.

A lot of people have a hard time with being grateful when things don’t work out the way that they wanted to with something. However, it’s vital that even when you do not get your way that you stay focused on not only being focused but also with being grateful. Say a positive affirmation such as “I am grateful for what happened and I know that only good will come from it.”

Increase how many times you meditate in the day. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and just having a hard time with staying positive then instead of just having meditation once a day start having it around two or three times per day. Having a time in the afternoon and at night set aside for meditation is a wonderful way to refresh yourself in the day and at night. Have some tea and listen to music that will help calm your nerves.

Change your environment and make it more positive. Maybe your environment and what you have on your walls is already positive but change it around. Sometimes just the slightest change can help to improve your attitude.


Learn how to let go when things don’t go your way. Don’t hang onto what might have happened if you would have done something differently. Learn from it but then let go and start thinking positive again and remember that everything changes.