Spiritual and Healing Properties of Rubies

Rubies have amazing healing properties in them but that is not the only thing that they have which can help people. There are a lot of other positive effects that can take place when you are lucky enough to carry a ruby around with you.

Let’s go over some of the spiritual and healing properties of rubies and how they can help in certain situations.

RubyAssociated with the sun, a ruby can preserve both physical and mental health. If you are worried about Alzheimer’s or physical problems then a ruby might help to relieve some of that stress for you since it can preserve those two things. Carry a ruby around with you if you love to do physical activity and exercise to help with being able to preserve your physical health.

A ruby can help to attract love. It not only does that but it can also help to improve relationships between couples and help with communication.  If you are in a situation to where you might be having a hard time with your significant other then carry around a ruby that is charged and have faith that things will get better and you never know what might just happen.

Increase your energy with having a ruby near you. A ruby can help to increase your energy naturally and help you to feel balanced in your life. The reason why is because blood is also part of the element of Ruby along with fire. Between those two elements energy can be naturally released. It also helps with restoring feelings of vigor and zest in life.

Say good-bye to misfortune with a ruby. Legend has it that if a person is lucky enough to have a ruby then they can walk through life and not have any misfortune or evil happen to them. They also won’t have to worry about fear because they will not know fear with a ruby. Rubies help to balance life and make it to where you can have more zeal but it will never be a zeal which might end up being self destructive but it would always be positive.

Feel the calmness within. People who suffer from ADHD or from having too much hyperactivity can feel calm again with a ruby because it calms down the system. If a special event is coming up and you find yourself feeling hyper about it; then put a ruby in your pocket and feel calmness once again.

Detoxify your system naturally. Rubies also can help with detoxifying the blood and can treat diseases and help with curing fevers. Overall, it is good for the circulatory and heart system plus it s is good for the kidneys, adrenals, spleen and the reproductive organs. A ruby can help with stimulating the heart chakra which is why it helps all of those things.


A ruby is great to just carry with you throughout the day so you will always feel at ease and have natural energy flowing throughout your body. Rubies are beautiful regardless of the season and you can wear them throughout the year.