5 Teas For Weight Loss

There are many benefits that comes from drinking tea. One cup of tea can help you to relax but it can even help with tooth decay, arthritis and prevent strokes. New studies show that some teas can also help to prevent cancer. However, something else that some teas do is help you to lose weight but not all teas are designed for weight loss, so let’s look into 5 teas for weight loss.

Star Anise Tea

The star anise tea is a wonderful tea that helps with promoting digestion. It’s a fruit that comes from the evergreen tree which is also native with China. It can be used to help with digestive problems but it can relieve nausea, diarrhea and help to cure a stomach that might be upset. This type of tea can also help with the swine flu, bronchitis and can help male menopause. Due to all of the wonderful benefits that this tea has with digestion, it can help make losing weight easier for you.

Cup with green tea and green leaves.Green Tea

Many people already know that green tea is healthy for them but they might not know as to all of the benefits that comes from drinking this tea. Green tea helps with building up the metabolism. If you are looking to burning calories fast then you should know that green tea can even burn up to around 70 calories or more per day. Another bonus with drinking green tea is that can help to raise your level of antioxidants that you have. It’s best to drink this type of tea either in the morning or in the early afternoon.

Peppermint Tea

If you have a hard time controlling what you eat then you should have some peppermint tea. This type of tea can help with many things. If you have problems with bad breath or need to relax some then the peppermint tea can help out with both. This type of tea is very refreshing and you can easily drink it hot or cold and throughout the day.

Rose Tea

People who might be trying to lose weight could possibly find themselves struggling with constipation. The one tea that helps to prevent constipation is rose tea. It helps with clearing up toxins and it can also beautify the skin. Rose tea also contains A, B3, C, D plus E vitamins. It can even help with preventing and acting against infections. This tea not only prevents you from constipation but it also helps with losing weight.

Oolong Tea

If you are worried about becoming obese then try drinking Oolong tea because this type of tea guards against the obesity. This tea might even have a very strong effect compared to green tea. It can promote fat burning plus reduce cholesterol levels. There are many benefits that comes from drinking Oolong tea.


These days it can be easy to lose weight and you can do so just with having the perfect cup of tea. Now, you have an excuse to have tea time each day with a friend.