The Basic Guide of Understanding Auras

Everyone that lives and breathes and depends on oxygen has some sort of aura around them. We all generate a big magnetic field of energy and it can be felt, sensed and sometimes it can be noticed around us by others.

aurasAnyone Can See Auras

Have you ever walked by someone and felt uncomfortable being around them? Maybe they have a lot of anger within or other problems going on and you can feel it. One thing that many people believe is that in order to see someone elses aura they need to be psychic. However, that is not true. Anyone can find out what type of aura someone has and they do not need to be psychic in order to do it.

When people start to walk past you then someone might try and get your energy unintentionally and steal it. If a person reaches out suddenly and then grabs one of your arms they actually interrupt the energy flow of your body.

One good example is when someone might be talking to you and you might get uncomfortable because they are standing extremely close. This person might have shaken your hand at a higher level than normal. You might start thinking “They are in your space” then you find yourself backing away from them. If you feel this before they grab your arm then try and back away from them as quickly as possible.

Most auras are around 3 feet from the physical body. Auras might even be used to describe someone that you know. You could find yourself saying “There is a special aura around that person” without even really thinking about what you are saying. Have you ever said to yourself “He has a glow around him” and not even stopping to think about his aura?

Life has a variety of colors and all colors have meanings to them. The colors actually represent messages that come from a higher form of yourself. The good news is you need to understand or be some sort of meta-physician in order to understand these colors and what they all mean. These days, you can just research places like YouTube and get detailed information that might explain the color of your aura.

Here is a quick guide to help you with reading your friends aura:

You will need to get a big sheet of white paper so your friend can put their hand on the paper.

Make sure that you have enough lighting. It should not be extremely bright but it should also not be dark. Natural lighting from candles or sunlight often times work best.

Position your friend.

Try and relax your own eyes and look at your friend’s hand. Look at the tips of their fingers and just focus. Some sort of haze or mist or light will start to form around the finger tips.

Figure out what colors might be visible. Some colors could be muddy, cloudy and bright or even clear. Beginners often times just see one color but others could see a variety of colors.

Avoid images which might be after the fact. Remember, staring into one object long enough could make you start seeing images afterwards which might not have anything to do with the aura.

Learn to be patient when you’re reading your friends aura. It might not come right away. Don’t give up. Practice and focus.


Study the colors of the aura and learn as much as you can before you try to read your friends aura. When you start reading auras you will discover things about your friends that you might not have known about before and it will make life extremely interesting in a good way.