5 Easy Ways To Overcome Depression

We have all faced hurt, disappointment, anger and sadness. Sometimes these feelings happen to be a very natural response emotionally to what is going on around you. You might even have a great support system but still find that for some reason you continue to hold onto the depression and cannot let go of it. When this happens you might find yourself facing many health problems and much more.

I know that you might be asking: “How do you overcome depression?” You could have tried before but snapped right back into it again and the cycle just continues. Please know that if it does continue even after you have tried these 5 ways to overcome major depression then I encourage you to see your doctor.

Overcoming-DepressionHere are 5 easy ways to overcome depression

Come up with new goals in your life. You might have had goals before and didn’t achieve them. Looking at those could even make you more depressed. Start fresh. Throw out all of your goals that you have not accomplished and start over again. Don’t be afraid to try new things in life.

Make sure that you get enough sleep. Getting 4/5 hours of sleep or less is not good for your system. It’s also not good when you just take cat naps throughout the day and avoid getting a full amount of sleep. You should have at least 6/8 hours of sleep and sometimes even 9 hours of sleep might be the thing that you need to get you motivated again. Try to relax right before you sleep by having some hot tea and doing meditation.

If you are able to exercise then you should come up with a routine to exercise daily. You will be amazed as to what endorphins rush and pump through the body as you start to exercise and it will make you feel better. Don’t let the weather stop you from exercising. If it’s bad outside then just do some exercises at home.

Learn how to forgive and let go. Hanging onto stuff that happened in the past can cause many problems in your life. Sometimes the only way to let go of things is if you forgive the people that have hurt you the most. After you forgive them then you won’t have such a burden on your shoulders anymore. You will find that you are able to sleep better and it will put you in a good mood.

Colors make a difference. Stay away from depressing colors. Have a room full of sunlight and colors that are cheery. If you already have a room that is full of color it might be time to redecorate and add in some new colors. Changing the room is a great distraction. Don’t forget that some people suffer with seasonal sadness and more so in the winter or when it’s cold outside. This is why it’s important that you always have plenty of color in your room.


Overcoming depression is something that might not happen overnight but after you admit that you are struggling with it then try talking with someone about it. If you don’t have a support group then find one online or see if there are support groups in your area. Holding the problems in won’t help you and you will find that the longer you hold them in then the harder it will be to overcome them.