5 Natural Remedies You Can Use To Attract More Money and Success

Did you know that you can use natural tools to help you with attracting more money and success into your life? You can do this by using techniques which are ancient plus by using Feng Shui. If you are interested in attracting more money into your life naturally then you might mind these natural remedies interesting. They are easy remedies to do and you can start doing them right away.

Here are 5 Natural Remedies You Can Use To Attract More Money and Success

Feng-Shui-Doppelzimmer-Holz-406-Hotel-Zum-Gourmet-in-Seefeld-in-Tirol_01_7759a1d905Wear green and have more green around the house. Parsley and ginseng work great if you would like to attract more money. Another thing that helps to attract more money is just with having an elephant sculpture in your home. Besides that you can put up green curtains and even have a green rug in your house. You can also meditate with green candles to help.

Learn more about Feng Shui. If you would like to have good luck brought into your home and life then wear and have colors throughout the house which are not only green but also red and purple. According to the history of Feng Shui, you should pay attention more to the southeastern corner of your house. The reason why is because it’s considered to attract more cash and what you have in that corner is also considered to be one direct reflection with the things that you are hoping to achieve.

Use pyramids to help you with attracting luck and prosperity. You can buy a pyramid off eBay or online if you don’t know where to buy one locally. The pyramids have been used throughout history in order to attract more money. The Egyptians, Aztecs and the Mayas all used pyramids.

Crystals is another known way to attract more money and prosperity into your life. One powerful crystal is the Rose Quartz. The Rose Quartz is great because can help with opening up your mind and heart. There are also many other crystals that you can use such as the Cat’s Eye, Fire Agate, Emerald, Quartz Crystal and the Diamond.

Picture yourself receiving more money. Sometimes in life when we don’t have a lot of money we tend to start thinking negative about it. You might find yourself saying things such as “I will never be successful in life with money”. If you think like that then you won’t get anywhere in life. Change your mind and how you think about money. Picture yourself being rich and know that you will be rich. Say positive affirmations such as “I am rich and I am successful in all of the things that I do” and say them daily. Whenever you start to think negative then quickly stop yourself and think positive and know that you are just in a situation which is temporary and that soon things will change for you.


Sometimes all it takes is just faith and daily meditation in order for things to start changing in your life. Just remember, it might seem like the situation you are in is permanent but know that it is not and try to learn from it and have an open mind as to how you can change it.