5 Tips On How to Work When You Feel Tired

There are days when you wake up and you just don’t feel like doing anything at all. You want to stay in bed but even though that sounds nice we both know it is not possible. You find yourself forcing yourself to get up and dragging yourself to work.

Maybe you had a bad night or perhaps you could just be stressed out about many things going on in your life right now. It can be difficult to work when you feel this way and it could cause you to have even more problems. How do you work when you feel tired? Let’s find out with 5 tips on how to work when you feel tired.

unproductiveHave clear goals for the week. When you are tired and you don’t want to do anything then review the goals that you have. Write them down on the weekends whenever you feel energized. This way you know what you need to do. Pamper yourself after you have completed your goals and work day. You deserve a special treat and don’t feel bad about it.

Avoid getting distracted as much as possible. These days, we are surrounded by distractions. Some distractions include checking your emails, logging onto Facebook or maybe just simply sending text messages to a friend. Distractions make it hard to concentrate and can even make you feel more tired. Put your phone in “do not disturb” mode, shut off notifications on Facebook and focus on what needs to be done today.

Drink water and have a healthy diet. Always make sure that you drink plenty of water when you are tired. Caffeine can be great for a quick energy boost but it can also dehydrate you so try to drink more water. Have fruit and vegetables instead of that chocolate bar. Wait until you are done with everything and then, if you still want to have that chocolate bar award yourself but until that time, eat healthy.

Exercise and move around. This can be difficult to do if you are behind a desk but you can even move around in your some. Find out if you can have a rocking chair instead of a regular chair because this helps your blood flow. During break time instead of using that time to catch up on work get up and move around. You will start to feel better.

Meditate before work and think positive about the day. Get into the habit of always making sure that you mediate before you rush out the door. You might need to wake up early to do this but it will help to clear your mind and it can help you to feel re-energized. Try and start the day fresh with thinking positive regardless of how you feel and visualize positive things happening to you. Picture yourself full of energy and being happy at work.


Know that the lack of energy is just something that is temporary and with the right attitude and mind set you can change it and have a wonderful day with plenty of energy to complete whatever task comes your way.