How To Stop Negative Thoughts With A Rubberband

Thinking negative can destroy your life in many ways. You might try to do positive affirmations and you could even listen to calming music but could find that none of those help. Instead, try another method that can help with negative thoughts and thinking. Try using a rubberband to stop negative thinking. You will be amazed as to how this simple technique can help you.

How To Stop Negative Thoughts With A Rubberband

6-rubber-bandYou will first need to get a rubberband that is coated and put it on your wrist. You can easily find coated rubberbands in stores like Wal-Mart or office supply stores. You can try to use regular rubberbands but they can end up hurting you a lot more than a coated rubberband. Many do make the mistake with just grabbing that regular rubberband without even realizing that it can hurt them so much and therefore, defeats the purpose of doing this method.

When you find yourself thinking negative just say out loud “Stop” and do it with authority. Snap the rubberband at the same time you say the word stop. This way your brain will start to associate your thinking and your rubberband at the same time.

Once you have snapped your rubberband, allow yourself to think about the negative thought you were having. Reflect on it and then change that negative thought to something that is more positive. Write down a positive affirmation that you can say whenever you start to have that negative thought and memorize it.

Always try your best to try and stop yourself from thinking negative whenever you feel it coming on. If you continue to dwell on it then you will have even a harder time overcoming your negative thoughts. In around 21 days you should be free from thinking negative because it takes  around that length of time in order to change a habit. Just make sure that you are always consistent with doing this technique even if you do not feel that it is working.

If you are unsure about using a rubberband then you should try to use a ball that you can squeeze in your hand. It works the same way as the rubberband except you squeeze the ball instead of popping the rubberband.


Don’t be hard on yourself if you find that you think negative a lot. Just work on getting out of that habit and try to focus on thinking positive. Things can change and just remember that everything is temporary even if it does not feel like it at that time.

I would encourage you to listen to positive music, read books that are uplifting and hang out with friends that will make you feel good and form a support group to help you with overcoming negative thinking. In time, you will feel like a new person.


So, whenever you feel that negative thought coming on just say “stop” and pop that rubberband and start thinking positive.