5 Ways To Overcome Bitterness

Bitterness can cause problems with your health and interfere with your work plus in many other areas in your life. If you let bitterness control you then you could be destroying your life and you could even be destroying the life of other people around you. It is important that you overcome bitterness. You will feel so much better and your health will start to thrive.

Here are 5 ways to overcome bitterness

Kanaka-bitterness-300x225Forgive. Bitterness makes us feel as if we must take it out on other people because we are angry and hurt. For example, let’s say that someone cheated on you and you become angry and bitter. Instead of forgiving, you cheat back on them in order to get even. This doesn’t help the situation at all and can make matters much worse. Once you are able to forgive, you can then start letting go of what happened and move on.

Stop trying to play the victim. This is a very hard one for many people to face when they are hurt. Most of the pain we do to ourselves is usually self-inflicted whether we care to admit it or not. Check out the motive you have for wanting certain people in your life and make sure that the motive is healthy. For example, did you want him/her for other reasons besides physical attraction? Maybe you wanted the other lover in your life for money or for the career that they have. If your motive for wanting another person in your life is selfish or bad then you will produce results which are negative each time.

Do not blame someone else for not reaching your goals or aspirations in life. Sometimes things can change when we least expect it. Instead of feeling angry about the change in your life make new goals and aspirations. Don’t take it on someone else just because you couldn’t do what you wanted to do with your goal. Always be ready for change and look at it as a new adventure in life.

Don’t hold onto things because you don’t see the other people changing. In order for the other person to change maybe they need to see you forgive them but don’t let that be the reason as to why you forgive them. Forgive them to bring about peace once again and happiness. You will only be able to start the healing process once you forgive. You become the change and the role model people need to see in life and in time, they could start changing.

Accept the fact that once you let go and your bitterness heals that it doesn’t always mean reconciliation. Sometimes it can lead towards reconciliation and other times it can’t but don’t let that stop you from letting go. Forgive and let go with having the attitude that it could open up new doors in life and possibly bring in new friends.


When you forgive someone and overcome bitterness your relationship will become healthier and you will be able to sleep better at night. It will be a new beginning for you and the other person. Don’t let fear stop you from overcoming bitterness. Instead, think positive and know that it is for the best.