5 Ways to Embrace Just Silence

There are times when we just need silence in order to regroup from the day that we had before. If we continue to go on without silence you might find yourself struggling with irritability and much more. If you are having problems with finding a few quiet hours then here are 5 ways to embrace just silence and refresh yourself again.

silenceSimply unplug the internet and your phone. You don’t need to have the internet on 24/7 and you don’t need to always have your phone on. You can even turn on the “Do Not Be Disturbed” feature that is on smart phone. Have you ever had the phone or internet off for more than a couple of hours? You will be amazed as to how much better you will feel just taking a break from the two of them.

Enjoy nature early in the morning. Don’t go out for a walk when everyone might be awake and moving around. Instead, go out around 5/6 am in the morning and just enjoy listening to the animals and hearing the nature that is around you. If you wait much later then you might not be able to fully enjoy nature. You can also mediate much easier when everyone else is still sleeping.

Look around your room. Do you have the TV on or the radio? Just unplugging your phone or internet might not be enough for you. Unplug your TV and the radio so this way you can make sure that you are really embracing silence. Anything that might distract you from your silent moment, unplug or turn off.

Have a room or area reserved just for quiet moments. If you can work it out to where you have enough space to have a quiet area in your home then that would be great for you. Don’t put anything in that space that will distract you from your moment. Have only peaceful colors in that area and colors that will calm you down.

Take a coffee or tea break and just sip on it slowly. Don’t rush your drink. Enjoy it and relax. Listen to the silence around you and be grateful for it. Mediate after you are done having your tea so that way you can go back into work or back into your day fully refreshed. You will feel much better if you don’t rush it.


Whenever you feel down or struggling with anxiety try your best to embrace silence and relax. Meditation and positive thinking plus silence can help you out plus it also even helps your health. Take deep breaths and enjoy the moment that you are in instead of focusing on other things.