5 Ways To Improve Your Digestion

Improved digestion offers many benefits such as improvement in immune system, weight loss and amongst many others. In order to improve your digestion, follow the five steps below:

Vegetables-antioxidantsEat Slowly

Sit down when you eat and stop between intervals. You have to eat with a calm mind in order to ensure proper digestion of food. When you are nervous and you eat, you will not be able to break it down as effectively. Prior to eating, take deep breaths and just remember to eat slowly. People who eat fast tend to get sick and are not able to digest their food properly as compared to those who eat slowly.

Chew Your Food

You should also make sure to chew what you eat. Digestion starts from the mouth. We have been told ever since we were born to eat slowly so we don’t choke. Poor digestion results in weight gain, acne issues, constipation amongst many others. You should at least chew each bite 30 times or more so that you feel right in the stomach.

Enjoy Eating

You should enjoy what you eat. Irrespective of what you eat, you should just have fun eating it. A lot of us make the mistake of eating food while we are busy on the iPad or our phones. That is a big mistake. Life gets busy but that doesn’t mean you neglect things like eating food with concentration. Take out some time to eat and then eat. When you focus on your eating, you will do calculated eating and you will also eat it slowly.

Add Vegetables In Your Diet

Most of us tend to eat a lot of meat or no meat but no veggies either. The best practice, to not just improve your digestion but also to lose weight, is to eat a balanced diet and add every type of useful food item in it. For example, if you are adding dairy products, don’t just stick to that category of foods only. Add non dairy products, add water, eat cultured vegetables, go for green vegetables and also add fruits. Once you start eating a balanced diet, with all kinds of food items, you will not just shed pounds but experience an overall improvement in your lifestyle. You will sleep better and your body’s inflammation will also drop. Inflammation is one of the root causes of many diseases so make sure you stay clear from it.

Get Rid Of Junk

Don’t eat junk food items such as chocolates, chips and stay clear from all those sodas too. Eat simple and clean food. Eating clean will allow you to prevent yourself from getting sick. Moreover, you will also notice that without junk food, you will feel cleaner and much purer. Additionally, the body can simply not process junk food easily which results in bad digestion so ensure that you don’t eat anything that hampers your digestive system.


When your digestion improves, you will feel a lot less bloated and you will also stay clear from weird food allergies. You will be able to tell the difference and you will be amazed as to how much better you will start to feel after you have improved your digestion.