5 Ways To Overcome Emotional Spending

Emotional spending occurs when you purchase a product or service that you don’t really need. You might buy a product just to avoid boredom, attract the opposite gender or to impress your friends. Whatever the reason may be, emotional spending occurs almost every day. Large companies and multinationals burn millions of dollars in cash every month on creating advertisements that attract people. Advertisements play a major role in determining your spending patterns.

Flashy and gaudy ads convince us to buy products that we don’t even require and the best part is that they work. Emotional spending can cause a big dent on your wallet. Emotional spenders might find it difficult to save money and live life on a budget. Hence, today I am going to give you 5 important tips to overcome emotional spending. You must carefully read these tips and then try to incorporate them in your spending habit.

5-Ways-to-Control-Emotional-SpendingLimit Your Exposure To Advertising

The first and the foremost thing you should do in order to overcome emotional spending is to stay away from advertising. A good way to limit your exposure to unwanted advertising is by unsubscribing to all the promotional material that arrives in your mailbox. Moreover, you should also unregister with all the companies that send you free information about a new product launch or their upcoming products. On the other hand, these days you can also find various software’s on the internet that block unwanted popup ads that appear on the screen all the time.

Make A List Of Things You Buy

Another way to overcome emotional spending is by making a list of all the things that you buy. By making a list you will keep a track of your spending habits and money. At the end of the month you should review the list and see how much you overspent on the things you really didn’t want. This will help you realize your wrong spending habits.

Find An Alternative

Emotional spending is a habit hence whenever you have the urge to go to the mall and shop, find alternatives. Go for a long walk instead or go to the gym. This will help to kill your urge for emotional spending.

Set A Budget

It is important to set a basic budget for your monthly expenses. Make a realistic budget and include all the expenses for the month. Moreover, you must prioritize your expenses according to your lifestyle. Once you have set the budget then make sure that you strictly follow it. This will not only help you avoid spending on unwanted things but will also help you save money.

Never Pay Via Credit Card Or Debit Card

If you pay via debit card or credit card then stop doing so and change your payment method. Instead, try to make payments on cash. This will allow you to keep a close eye on your cash position and I assure you that you will not overspend. When we pay via debit card or credit card we don’t really have an idea about the exact amount that we are paying.


Conquer emotional spending and start saving money today and get out of debt. You can do it.