Become Rich By Believing That You Can

Let’s say the insurance companies keep calling you because you owe them money. You might ignore their calls from not having enough of it. Your faith starts to waver. You find yourself starting to worry as to how you will get your bills paid. In time, you might start questioning everything else. If you find yourself worrying and having doubt then you might be preventing yourself from becoming rich and successful in life.

rich-money-bag-grab-destinyWorry causes health problems and many other things. The biggest problem with worry and self doubt is that it robs you of growing spiritually and takes away your wealth. You have got to believe and know that no matter what happens everything will be fine. You have to start reprogramming your mind and conscious into thinking wealthy.

How do you reprogram your mind? Say positive affirmations each day about wealth. Some good wealth affirmations include:

“I am wealthy”.

“I have and will always have money”.

“I am paying off my bills and all of my bills will be paid off in time”.

“I have a lot of financial opportunities in life to grow”.

These are just a few of the affirmations that you can say per day. Write these down and repeat them when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed.

Visualize. Start visualizing yourself as a wealthy person. When someone is looking to hire a person for work chances are they will hire the individual which shows confidence, dresses the part for the job and has the right attitude for it. They won’t hire a person that dresses sloppy or talks down about their life. You don’t need to have an excuse to dress nice. Go to the store looking nice and be ready for people to glance at you because of the way you look. You never know what might happen when you dress nice out in public or who might be looking. Be proud of the way you look and let people know that you are proud. See yourself buying a $5000 outfit or item of your dreams. Go for the $100 dollar meal instead of the $20 meal course and see yourself enjoying it.

Put away the guilt feelings. Some people will never become rich because they start feeling guilty even if they have a few dollars more then someone else. Find out why you feel guilty when you have money and deal with your inner self and let yourself heal spiritually. Know that it is fine to be rich and wealthy regardless of what other people think about it.

Have faith that you can try out new things. In order to become rich you might find yourself having to come out of your comfort zone. Maybe you didn’t want a promotion at work because of the responsibility that came with it but that promotion might be the thing you need to pick yourself up again and become wealthy.


Anyone can become rich. It all depends on your attitude in life and if you actually believe that you can become rich. Have faith, believe and work towards it and watch your life change for the better.