Have Healthy Values In Your Life and Prosper

Let’s take a few moments talk about the values that you have in your life. Review your personal values. How do you think you would define your own values? The values in your life are things that you believe in and they are very important in regards to the way that you might live plus also to your work. Your values help to determine the priorities that you have and this is why it’s important that you have healthy values in your life.

Your life can be successful and victorious when you have positive values. However, if your values in life are not good then it can cause you to have problems and might even cause depression plus unhappiness. This is another reason why you should try and identify the values that you have.

healthy-living-happy-healthy-family--300x234Things might not be going great in your life just because of the poor values you have chosen. You may or may not recognize the values that you have but they do exist and after you begin to acknowledge them then things might start changing for the better.

The values that you have in life help you to answer these type of questions:

What type of job should you go after?

Should I take this job promotion?

Maybe I should have my own personal business?

Should I be traditional or follow new paths in life?

Take some time out and try to grasp the priorities that you have right now in your life and once you achieve this then you will be able to figure out what direction is the best for you.

Once you know what type of values you have the next thing you can start doing is defining them.

Find out what times you felt the happiest in. What type of things were you doing in order to make you feel happy? What people were you around? Did you notice anything else that contributed to the way that you felt?

What makes you feel proud? Are you the only one that might feel this way or do others take pride in what you feel?

What times in life do you feel satisfied and fulfilled?  What desires or needs did you fulfill? What type of experience did you get from it in life? Did you have other things going on to help you with this type of fulfillment?

What are your top and best values in life based upon pride, happiness plus fulfillment?

After you have figured it out then prioritize those values. This might be difficult to do because you might have to look deep within and figure out what value might be the most important one. Write down all of the top values that you have. Ask yourself questions such as “If I could be happy and satisfied with just one of the values then what one would I pick?” and compare them. Work through your list until you have compared all of them.


When you have finished picking out your top values then reaffirm them to make sure that they are healthy values and will make you feel good in life. Focus on only the positive values in your life and in time you will see how things start to change for the better.