Let The Life of Floyd Mayweather JR Inspire You

Floyd Mayweather started out in life as being poor. Often times they did not have electricity. He started learning from an early age as to what it was like in life to struggle and he was determined to rise above in life and be victorious.

DV_To_Getty_3297927_0.jpgFloyd Mayweather was extremely lucky with the fact that many within the family all had similar goals in regards to their career and early in life he already figured out what he wanted to do and stuck with it. He was influenced at a very young age to love boxing. He started working extremely hard and it started to show fast. He had told his grandmother that he should get some sort of job because of not having any electricity. When he lived with his mother in New Jersey, there were seven of them that were just in one bedroom. His grandmother told him that he did not need a job. All he needed to do was just to continue boxing. He felt that his grandmother was the one who first saw his talent that he had for boxing and he respected her a great deal.

Another thing people might not know about his family was that his mother was into drugs and he had an aunt that died from AIDS due to using drugs. He has stated that people don’t know what all he has been through in life and how hard he has had to work in order to get where he is now. His father would only take him to the gym and train him instead of getting ice cream or doing normal father and son activities.

Floyd Mayweather set the amateur record at 84-6. In 1993 he had a huge win with the Golden Gloves National Championship. In 1996 he won the bronze medal at the Atlanta Olympics. His fans and his team felt he had actually won gold but the judges would not listen to the team and so he ended up being stuck with bronze.

The year 1996 still proved to be very successful for Floyd Mayweather. In 1996 he had one of his first pros and he had another one at the beginning of the year 1998. What shocked his fans the most was the fact he was able to win most of the fights by either a TKO or knockout. A lot of people started to see he was on his way and because of it; he started to pick up many more fans.

In the year 1998 he managed to win his very first title being the WBC Super Welterweight Championship. Towards the end of the year in 1998, the Ring put him at number 8 on a list with the best of the best boxers.

He continued to still fight and defend the title. He started to win every round when he fought against Diego Corrales. Many reporters could not believe his speed and made comments about his speed saying that it was just dazzling and incredible. He defended and won his WBC Super Featherweight Title because he defeated Carlos Hernandez. When he talked about the fight with Carlos Hernandez he admitted that it was one of his hardest fights in his career so far.

When it was time for his lightweight class his fans stood and applauded as he defeated Jose Luis Castillo. People said that Castillo was just slow and that he could not keep up with Mayweather. It was the speed of Floyd Mayweather that helped him to win this fight. Later on they decided to do a rematch of the fight and Mayweather won the fight and the decision of his victory was unanimous.

A lot of Mayweather’s fans described his fighting as being something that was like magic. Mayweather also fought Arturo Gotti and he was one of the contenders rated number one according to the Ring. However, Mayweather ended up winning the fight and even Gotti admitted that Mayweather was simply too fast for him. He won the fight just after the sixth round and the crowd went wild with excitement. When he won this fight he was able to then claim the rights to the third weight class title. After that he moved on from the weight classes and started towards the direction of the Welterweight division.

When Mayweather won the fight with Gotti and then won another fight with Zab Judah he was then able to win the IBF Welterweight title. In round ten of the fight Mayweather was able to land in a blow that happened right below his belt. After he did the blow their was suddenly melee inside of the ring and the police had to come up and help with restoring the order. The judges said that Mayweather did win the fight and that the decision would not be overturned. Roger Mayweather, who was the trainer of Floyd Mayweather ended up being suspended and fined for one year.

After the fight with Oscar De La Hoya for the WBC Title, Mayweather almost decided to retire. He felt that in his boxing career he had achieved all of the goals that he had and was very proud of them. He wanted a break from it and just to enjoy life. However, he ended up returning to the rings once again and in May 2012 he defeated Miguel Cotto. When this happened he ended up becoming one of the richest boxers in the world.

He still feels that his career is ending and has decided to retire on February 2014 at the age of 37.  He said that he still wants to fight around twice in the year but not often. Many of his fans will miss him after he has retired. He did mention that he still could retire earlier but so far that he is sticking with that date because it is just a number that he has picked for his retirement. After he retires this time he doesn’t see himself going back to boxing full time again.

The way that he started out in life and where he is today should help inspire you. It doesn’t matter how poor you might be or what you might not have, if you think positive about your life, set good goals and work hard you can turn your life around. Stop complaining, get busy working and start thinking positive. Change can happen and your life situation could be something that is temporary if you put your mind to it. Say positive affirmations and be around someone that will influence you and become a good role model to others. You might just be amazed as to what all happens.