How Fall Colors Can Improve Your Mood

In fall the air starts to get cold and people’s mood often times start to change and some experience seasonal depression throughout the fall and winter months. A lot of people also know that the link that is between moods and colors is known.  Scientists continue to do research as to how color might affect the emotions that we have but they have linked how colors can affect some of our moods. Colors which are shorter wavelengths such as blue plus green can trigger emotions of calmness, balance and serenity. If you are struggling with depression during these months then try changing the colors around you.

Autumn foliage reflection on lake in rural PennsylvaniaWear Red for Energy

The cold weather makes many people tired and they could have a hard time getting motivated to do things. Red is a wonderful color to have around you and to wear if you need more energy. Red can trigger the sympathetic nervous system also known as the flight response. Red can help to reduce inflammation because it can move the blood; it can heal muscle injuries and can provide energy.

Yellow is Great for Clarity and Alertness

When you are struggling with self-confidence the color yellow can help with making you feel more empowered. The only problem with yellow is while it is good for you it can also make you feel overwhelmed or either argumentative. You need to balance this color out because children might become agitated when they are around a lot of yellow and it shouldn’t be used in a baby’s room.

Eat Healthy When You Have More Orange Around

When you are struggling with your weight during the winter months then having orange around you can help to influence healthy appetites. It also can promote healthy digestion. The color orange is also uplifting and warm. It can encourage conversations and it can help you to feel sociable. It stirs up your creativity. Egyptians had orange in the healing rooms plus temples often because of how it can help to inspire you.

Brown Helps with Feelings of Security

Brown is a great color for grounding energy and more so if the colors yellow and red are involved. A rich brown can help with creating a sense of warmth and coziness. Brown colors can also help to stimulate a feeling of support plus security. However, if the room has a lot of brown it then it can become oppressive. This is a color to use within moderation but you don’t want to ignore it.


Let the colors of fall help to improve your mood. All you might need to do is just add in some fall items that you can buy at a store such as a rug or curtains. Don’t let the cold months keep you depressed. This time of year can be breathtaking and beautiful. Go out and enjoy fall and embrace it.