6 Ways To Get Rid Of The Monday Blues

Many people struggle with getting motivated on Monday. You could find yourself feeling tense and sluggish and might just be going through the Monday blues. If you find yourself like that then here are a few ways that can help you with getting rid of the Monday blues.

mondaybluesStart preparing on Friday for work the next week. If you prepare for Monday on a Friday you will be amazed as to how this helps you. It can help with conquering anxiety and it will make you feel more organized. When you are not organized it can stress you out and the only way to get organized is to prepare ahead of time. If you do this on a Friday then you can still enjoy your weekend without having to worry about Monday.

Write down a list of the things that you enjoy doing and excite you about the week. If you find yourself just thinking about the things that might be tough at work then it could make you become depressed fast. Instead, write down a few things that you enjoy about your week. However, if you find that you cannot find anything to write down then you might need to make a few changes.

Figure out why you experience the Monday blues often. When you identify and admit that you have a problem then you can start working on it. Usually it is a sign that you might not be happy with what you are doing and it could even be time for you to move on or find a different job. If you cannot move on then try doing some meditation before work and think positive about the day the day and week that is ahead of you.

Make sure that you always get enough sleep. You might find yourself staying up late during the weekend and enjoying some fun time. This can make it hard to get up on Monday and you might find yourself wanting to sleep thru the alarm clock. It might be tempting to stay up late but try and stick with the same schedule throughout the weekend so you won’t be tired on Monday.

Always look successful. Don’t go into work without dressing up for success. When you dress up successful it doesn’t only help to inspire you but it also helps to motivate other people around you. They might even start showing you more respect if you dress successful at work.

Try to have some fun at work. See if you can listen to music that will put you in a good mood. Go out on a walk during your break. Help others out and make them feel good and this will also help you feel good and possibly even have some fun when doing it.


If you still continue to struggle with the Monday blues then you might need to talk with a professional. Holding in your feelings doesn’t help and could only make the situation worse. Try and think positive about the work and be ready for a positive change.