5 Ways To Naturally Boost Up Your Immune System During The Flu Season

When the temperatures start to become cooler and the seasons change then that means the flu season is right around the coroner. The flu season can start at the beginning of October and end sometime in May. Getting a flu shot is highly recommended but if for some reason you cannot get a flu shot here are 5 ways to naturally boost up your immune system during flu season.

green-alternatives-for-the-coldflu-season0-1Always make sure that you wash your hands. You hear this often when you’re growing up but as you get older you might get out of the habit of doing it. It’s important that you wash your hands for around 15 seconds or longer in order to get rid of those germs that might want to just hang around and linger. You don’t need to use the antibacterial soaps. All you need to use is just plain soap and water.

Exercise during the cold months. When you are active it helps with your blood circulation and much more. You will be able to sleep better at night and when you have a good rest then your immune system becomes stronger. You can even do exercises inside but the main thing is that you exercise for at least 20 minutes daily.

Avoid over taking antibiotics. Sometimes things just need to heal naturally. You can hurt your immune system if you take antibiotics each time you get sick and this might cause you to become vulnerable with getting diseases like the flu. You can visit your doctor but don’t just straight out ask for an antibiotic. Instead, talk with your doctor and see if there are ways you can heal without them. However, if your doctor still recommends an antibiotic make sure that you take it.

Do meditations daily to reduce stress. If you are stressed out a lot then that can weaken your immune system. Get into the habit of doing meditations for at least 10 or 15 minutes a day. If you have had a busy day then even do some mediation right before you sleep to ensure that you sleep better at night. Take breaks during the day and have some tea or listen to calming music in order to reduce the stress.

Try taking a probiotic. This will help with giving your immune system a boost. It can also help with restoring a healthy balance of both bad and good bacteria within your system. If you are on medications then talk with your doctor first before trying this one.


It might be tempting to stay in but try and make sure that you get plenty of vitamin D, eat healthy and get enough sleep. If you start to lack in these areas then you might be putting your immune system at risk. Write down the things that you do daily to help with building up your immune system to ensure that you are taking the right steps to boosting it up.