5 Healthy Halloween Snacks

Halloween can be a lot of fun but at the same time it can be a very unhealthy holiday. Instead of giving other children snacks that might be bad for them make it a fresh and new goal to serve health snacks at Halloween. Here are 5 healthy Halloween snacks that the children in the neighborhood might enjoy.

picC2RuqkGet some carrots and turn those carrots into finger food. You will be amazed as to how you can make carrots look scary. You can do plenty of healthy dips that go with the carrots and put the carrots in the bowl and make them look like fingers coming out of the bowl.

Another thing that you can do is get apples and turn them into apple bites. This has got to be one of the easiest healthy Halloween snacks that you can make. You will need to get some slivered almonds for the teeth.

Want something extremely scary? Try getting a melon then turning it into a melon brain. It might take some more work compared to the other healthy snacks but you will be amazed as to how scary it looks and it will be the most talked about brain around.

If you are having over a bunch of kids or maybe just a few have low carb healthy mummy pizza’s. All you need to do is just buy a low carb tortilla , get some olives and use the olives for the mummy’s eyes and then get some cheese and put it over the rest of the tortilla and there you will have a scary mummy. You can use either cheese sticks or possibly slices. Red or either green peppers can be put in the middle of the olives.


These are just a few ideas that you can do to turn Halloween into a healthy holiday. A couple of other ideas include black bean cat crudités and Eerie eyeballs. Just remember that the recipe you do might need to vary depending on how many children or people might be coming to your home. If you end up making too much then they will be great for leftovers later.