3 Goals That Will Change Your Life and Make You Lucky

There are some people in life who seem to get everything and they are just extremely lucky but then you have those that just no matter what never get anything. If you are one of those people that seem to have just bad luck then maybe what you need to do is look at the goals that you have in your life. It could be time to change them.

3 Goals That Will Change Your Life and Make You Lucky

Im-So-Lucky-CloverOne of the most important goals in life that many people forget is that you should have a goal to always be happy. If someone in your life starts to drag you down then it could be time to cut that person out. Be around people that lift you up in life and encourage you. When you’re around people that might not be happy then it can drain you. You’ll be fatigued a lot. Worst yet, other people will not want to be around you. Don’t hang out with people because they have money to burn or because they are popular. If they end up treating you bad or making you feel horrible then it’s time to move on and get some new friends. This will help towards being happy daily.

After you have accomplished that you need to be happy every day then the next goal in your life should be to get rid of the unhappiness that is in your life. This might even require you coming out of your comfort zone. Make sure that you get plenty of sleep and have a healthy diet. The way you eat can greatly impact how much sleep you get. Try doing exercises. Say positive affirmations that help you feel good about yourself. Wear bright and cheerful colors and redecorate the house to help with getting rid of any gloomy thoughts.

Make every day in your life as smooth as you possibly can. Your life should be hassle free and without much stress in it. I can hear you laughing now and thinking “Yeah, right” but know that you can do this. Once you make it a goal to try and make your life as smooth as possible then you’ll be amazed as to how much better you’ll start to feel. Meditation can help you over with this process and another thing is learning how to forgive and move on. Don’t hang onto the things that happened yesterday because that will just make your life more complicated so forgive, let go and focus on becoming the luckiest person on earth.


Learn to become grateful for the people that you have in your life and even if they do hurt you then forgive them but still be grateful for them. Know that life is all about learning, growing and stepping out of your comfort zone. Once you begin to accept that then know that anything can happen and get ready to become the luckiest person in the world.