5 Positive Thanksgiving Goals

Smiley FaceThere are many things to be grateful for but sometimes it can be difficult seeing those things due to hard times. This is why creating positive thanksgiving goals can help you. You might be going through a major disappointment in life or maybe just a problem that could be making it hard for you to see things properly. Creating a fresh goal and learning from your mistakes is the best way to go when things like this happen.

Feeling sorry for yourself about the things that have happened in your life won’t help you out at all. When you have an attitude that is negative then things might just get worse for you. People might not even want to be around you. The cycle of disappointments might continue. This is when you need to make a positive goal and change the mindset that you have. You can become successful in life but only if you really want to be successful.

Positive Thanksgiving Goals

Have a goal to be more thankful for your health. It doesn’t matter how bad your health might be right now start seeing yourself become healthy. Say positive affirmations over your health. Create a goal to help you with becoming healthier. This might even mean changing your diet and doing more exercise.

Have a goal to be spend more time with the people that you love and to be grateful for them. Life can get hectic. In no time at all we might find ourselves pushing our loved ones away. When this happens they might grow bitter and angry. Make it a goal to spend more time with them. You might even have to write it down as a reminder. See what they might want to do with your time together and make it a goal to just focus on them and not your problems that you have in your life when you are with them.

Have a goal to see more of nature. A lot of times nature is neglected. Going out for a walk or spending time in the garden is peaceful. It can help to relieve stress and make you feel better. Look at the beautiful flowers and the sky when your outside and just enjoy nature when you can and even invite a friend to enjoy it with you.

Have a goal to save money and get out of debt. Money problems can cause stress and become a burden. Ask yourself, is it really worth spending this $20 or should I put it in my savings account? Just saving $20 here and there can quickly add up.

Have a goal to smile more. People just don’t smile enough. Your smile could cheer someone else up and even help them snap out of depression. Smiles are contagious. You could even meet new positive people just from smiling at them.


These 5 goals can change your life and put you in a great mood. You will find yourself going around with a smile on your face and thinking more positive about things in general.