5 Ways To Make Today Better Starting Right Now!


Stretching is a great way to loosen yourself up and get the blood flowing through your body efficiently. This will benefit you even more so if you’re one of those who work a day job that has you sitting down for the majority of the working day. You don’t need to do anything fancy! Just think back to high school gym class and use those same stretches to get you started. You can research and add some new stretches to your regimen as required.

Be You

I think a very big step upon our paths to self discovery and peace is to realize who we really are and live fully in the moment without worry of judgement or embarrassment. One way you can work towards realizing who you are and what you like is by listening to that little voice in your head. Realize your feelings, Be aware of your thinking. Be aware of your desires and habits.

Be Yourself

Realize that what you do today not only defines who you are tomorrow, but more importantly defines who you are today. Write a list of your wants and desires, your loudest thoughts, the things you shun away from, realize what you love and what you hate and what you fear and live in the moment for it is yours. If you want to go a step further you may be interested in reading our article titled 5 Ways You Can Find And Nurture Your True Self

Improve Your Mind

We are what we eat, and we do what we think. Improving your mind can be as simple as 5 minutes of meditation in the morning to put your priorities in check and clear your mind before starting the day or it may be as advanced as challenging yourself to learn a new programming language. The key here is to keep your mind sharp, and there’s many ways to go about this. We outline 5 ways to increase your intelligence in this article and also offer a beginners guide to meditation for you to establish a balance between your physical and mental workouts.

Organize Your Goals

There is a certain satisfaction that comes from writing and completing tasks on a piece of paper. I would even go as far as to say it’s even a bit more satisfying to physically write down your goals and cross them out but realize that could be entirely subjective to my experience. A sure way to improve your day is to realize your making progress though. A lot of what goes on with us on a hormonal level is originating from our mental sphere and dominant thought patterns.

The word impossible with "im" crossed out by a pencil

What I bring this to awareness for is that every time you’re doing something like completing a goal on your list, you’re effectively creating or realizing a feel good energy or hormone on a physical level. Knowing this you can always be practicing these feel good enhancing actions on a daily basis for your own personal well being! If you’re having trouble coming up with some goals to start with, check out our article titled 3 goals that will change your life and make you lucky!


On the same line of thinking as above Gratefulness is a wonderful feeling to cultivate. When you sit down and create a list of things you are grateful for you really see how lucky you are. This is especially helpful if you are going through a bout of depression. Everyone has their highs and everyone has their lows and navigating between the two is somewhat of an art form. Realizing and meditating upon what you are grateful for will give you a good idea of where you should be spending your attention. Attention is money as they say, or maybe they don’t, but we can think that way! :)