Everything Starts With Desire

I recently had this thought while coming up with ideas for a new song. My realization was that everything in one way or another can be traced back to an original desire. This let me draw some of my own conclusions on desire which are open to criticism and revision by our community. The desire here is create an article that thoroughly describes what desire is, and how we can navigate and steer our actions in a way that promotes the manifestation of our positive desires.


“desire is defined as a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.”

We all desire things on a daily basis, when we go to work, school, read a book, or talk to ourselves in our head, we are constantly whispering desires to ourselves. If we can gain some awareness of this process we can greatly improve our chances of achieving our desires. Instead of whispering desires to ourselves quietly over and over again, we can break those desires down and define our Significant Desires that we can work towards by creating plans and taking the appropriate actions. Clearing your mind with meditation is a good way to go about this and has other benefits such as relieving stress

Desire is not as simple as just simply wanting to obtain specific nouns (People, places, or things). When we desire things instead of mind states it creates a disconnect between us and realizing our desire. This is where all suffering takes place. This can be improved upon by changing our desires from material things to mental states that promote our likely hood of achieving our material desires. For example you may desire to transmute your scattered mind state to a state of mental clarity and focus. This desire can be immediately realized now and will help you achieve your material desires. You can think of many ways this same idea can be applied to other facets of your life.

“When we desire things instead of mind states it creates a disconnect between us and realizing our desire. This is where all suffering takes place.”

Lets recap to ensure you pull something useful from this article that you retain in use for your own life.

  • All humans actions, behaviors, and words are derived from an underlying desire at some level. Even if that desire is to be desireless
  • We can organize and focus on desires of our choosing instead of having many small unrealized desires
  • Desiring to change a specific mental state to another is a way to immediately realize your desires
  • Desiring physical manifestations should be replaced with desiring the appropriate mental states instead of being left to cause suffering
  • You control your desires, you desires don’t control you. This is where people lose their personal power to addictions or powerful thoughts such as wealth that they let entirely consume them. You can use techniques such as the rubber band technique to eliminate negative thoughts!

Our desire is that you have a fantastic day! :)