5 Signs She’s Not That Into You

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if the girl you have eyes for feels the same way about you, so we put together a list of 5 signs she may be sending that means she’s just not that into you and it may be time to move on and find someone who can return your feelings and will feel the same way about you.


She’s not ready for a relationship

While this may sound like a sure giveaway it can easily be looked over and swept under the rug. But chances are if you have been trying to get with a particular girl for awhile and she says she doesn’t want to start a relationship with you this is more than likely a sure sign that the girl you’re pursuing isn’t interested in taking your relationship to the next level.

You’re always the one texting and calling first

Chances are if you’re the one always sending the texts and calling and you don’t hear from her at all unless you are the one initiating the contact, then she isn’t very interested in communicating or being involved with you as much as you may be. Though this sounds obvious, you may want to try not texting or calling her for awhile and seeing if she takes the initiative to talk to you.

She doesn’t make plans with you/She cancels plans she has with you.


If you find that she doesn’t want to setup any plans to spend time with you or she cancels plans you had you may take this as a sign that she isn’t that interested in hanging out or being around you.

She doesn’t laugh at your jokes

If you find her staring at you without a smile after you tell one of your hilarious jokes you may conclude that she either doesn’t find you funny or doesn’t care enough about your relationship together to pretend otherwise.

She tries to set you up with other girls

If you notice she keeps trying to set you up with other girls or gives you advice on finding another girl you may be safe to assume she is not interested in being in a relationship personally

Keep in mind these are all just ideas and real life relationships aren’t so simple. But you can be pretty sure if several of the aforementioned symptoms are present that she isn’t interested in being with you or starting a relationship.