What Type Of Person Are You? Cat Or Dog?

It is a question many of us are plagued with each and every day, Am i cat? Or am I dog? In the past we hadn’t the technology nor the resources to answer such a inquiry. Times have change and with the passage of time comes knowledge. Read on to uncover parts of your psyche and bring into awareness your dog or cat like drives and ambitions! Everyone shares some likeless with the cat or dog, which one do you most resemble?

The Dog


The dog is a loving creature and is quick to protect its owner. People who share the same attributes as the dog may be loyal and willing to help you out of a tough situation. They tend to always be there when you need them and don’t let you down. The dog can also be reliant on you and in terms of people may seek attention from others for its own enjoyment. People who lived as a dog in a past life may prefer doggy style to missionary and may drink the milk right out of the cereal bowl.

The Cat


Cats are laid back relaxed creatures. People who inherit cat like attributes may find themselves doing a lot of lounging. Lay around alot? Like being in the sun? Chances are your a cat. Like wearing hats? You might be a cat. Cats are not loyal to one owner and often may be somewhat of a wanderer. But when they find someone they cherish they may lay around on their carpet and even let the lucky winner give them a pat on the head once in a great while. Cats are fiercely protective of their tuna cans. If you share attributes with the cat you might find yourself eating alot of Tuna Sandwhiches. People with a lot of cat in them also tend to steer away from social gathering and may be more of the introvert among their group of contacts.