How To Generate Money Today Without A 9-5

Want to know how you can make some cash today without working a 9-5? It’s no simple task, it will take some thought and action to make it happen. Here we present two essential ideas on your journey to generating some currency today. Start by thinking you will generate currency today and proceed by taking action and casting the required stones in the pond to generate the appropriate ripples! Metaphorically speaking.



1) Have a service

Business man laughing

You could offer a service, here are some example services people provide: Lawn care, Computer Repair, Website Development, Marketing, Writing, Entertainment. You must give to get, offer to do something in exchange for your favorite flavored currency.

2) Have a product

Hemp bracelet product

Offering a product is another option. Design some T-shirts and buy them in bulk for $5 each, setup a facebook page and start selling them for $25 each. Fill in the business details as you go along. Many pyramid schemes are built upon this idea in addition to recruiting likeminded sales people to push a particular product. If you try a product and like it chances are you can contact the company and become an affiliate.

With a combination of these two ideas and a bit of original thinking and mixing on your part you can come up with a way to generate money without working a typical working schedule. Start taking your earnings into your own hands today.