4 Ways You Can Build A Foundation To Stand Upon

When it comes to life we all need to go out and get what we want. Many people will wonder why they aren’t being successful within their chosen realm of influence and endeavor and many problems boil down to not haven taken the time to build a sturdy platform on which to stand. Here we outline 4 ways you can start establishing your foundation to formulate security and stability in your life that will radiate and resonate with the world and those around you.



1) Know What You Want


Step one is of course knowing what you want, what you need to feel secure and stable. This may just be a well paying job and loving people in your life. Whatever it is you think will give you the stability you need instill confidence in your life. Once you know what is it that you need to feel secure and stable you can start working towards that by setting goals.

2) Take Steps Toward Achieving That Goal

If you need to have a stable job to feel secure you can start taking the steps to get one. Or start putting the pieces into place for your next big business idea. Once you get the ball rolling you can start making momentum work with you instead of against you. Knowing that you can create what you need is the first step to achieving what you envision.

3) Keep Track Of What You Have Done

Pen And Paper

Make sure to keep a notebook daily of what you have done to make your ideal foundation a reality, this will give you the oppurtunity to go back in time and harvest a sense of satisfaction from the work you have done. This sense of satisfaction will feed your motivation and fuel the momentum that pushes you to your desired outcome.

4) Know That You Can Influence Your Fate

Know that you are in charge of your life and have the tools available to you to achieve whatever it is you are after. Our mind is a beautiful gift and should be used consciously to bring about your desired outcomes. Be aware of your thinking and correct it when necessary to keep the required mindstate active that is needed to make change. No pun intended! :)