Money & The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction states that which we dwell upon is attracted to us via the universes magnetic nature. This means if you are constantly dwelling on being poor and owing money that is exactly what will be drawn upon thyself. Wielding this knowledge allows us to consciously think with awareness and confidence that our thoughts will draw to us exactly that which we think about and visualize. The mind is like a radio antenna, allowing us to tune into the reality we want and bring it into manifestation.

Be aware of your thoughts!

If you want to be able to tune your radio you’re going to need to know where the knob is, and the station your looking for! If you’re constantly fretting about money you need to Redefine your thinking. When you find yourself worrying about bills tell yourself that the universe will provide you with everything you need, when you need it. Believe you are similar to the tree in the woods, gathering everything it needs from mother nature. When you are aware of positive and negative thoughts you have power of them, and the ability to change your way of thinking and the signal your produce that the universe and people in it react to.

Visualize what you want

Abstract Money Image

Not only does our mind give us the ability to talk to ourselves but it also allows us to create images and movies in our heads. We can harness this ability and tune it to let the universe and our subconscious minds know exactly what we want. Take some deep breaths and clear your mind and envision abundance and prosperity flowing towards you and into your life.

Take action

take action

Don’t just sit around after you have put the time into becoming aware of your thinking patterns and redefining them to alignment with what you want you will need to start taking action. The beauty of this is you will start to notice what you’re supposed to do, synchronizations will seem to pop up that are almost miraculous. You will notice your life starting to become easier and more joy filled. Your path to success and comfort will seem more like a game to play than a hard road to travel. The law of attraction is active at all times, and now you can start using that to your advantage wielded with this knowledge.