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  • hot-peppers
    5 Health Benefits Of Hot Peppers

    Hot peppers have been used for generations now and for many reasons. Yes, they can make the food taste better but there are also some health benefits that comes from […]

  • aromatherapy-essential-oils
    The Benefits of Using Essential Oils Daily

    Essential oils are often overlooked by the general population. Let’s face it; companies fill the shelves of our local stores with all kinds of merchandise. It smells good and feels […]

  • 415358-smiling-faces.gif
    Why A Smile Is Healthy For You

    What if I told you, that with one simple gesture, you could change someone’s day, and maybe even your own as well. This gesture is really quite effortless, really. Yet […]

  • strawberries
    Eat Strawberries and Lose Weight

    It is strawberry season, and the strawberries are ready! I love going down to one of our local farmer’s markets. Where we can purchase freshly picked strawberries. (Besides I like […]

  • 487397-25326-19
    How Drinking Tea Reduces Stress

    The bell rings, the doors fly open and here they come, the children are out of school for the summer. The once quiet house during the day, has now turned […]

  • rosemaryone
    Rosemary Natural Moisturizer Recipe

    Rosemary is a wonderful plant to grace your garden with and generally have in it. Rosemary is a member of the mint family. It can grow up to 5 feet […]

  • A minimalist living room.
    Hobbies Are Healthy: What’s Yours?

    Admitting to ourselves that we’re bored can be pretty tough as adults. Being bored is something that kids complain about; as adults, we’ve been taught to think that being bored […]