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Holding the Sun

How To Stay Motivated

At times in our life we need to cultivate motivation to work towards our goals, here’s several ideas you can contemplate to cultivate your motiv ...

Love Painting

How To Let Go Of Someone You Love

There are times in our life when we may be forced to let go of someone we are in love with. Such as a significant other in your life. These […]


Meditation: What It Does … and Why You Need It

By Cheryl Lock for Discover and Play The concept of using meditation as a way to de-stress, focus and find a sense of calm is really nothing new … t ...

  • Desire With All Your Heart
    Everything Starts With Desire

    I recently had this thought while coming up with ideas for a new song. My realization was that everything in one way or another can be traced back to an […]

  • j0396052
    5 Ways To Increase Your Intelligence

    Some people are born intelligent while others work their way to it. It is a common misconception that you are born with intelligence and you live with it. However, the […]

  • silence
    5 Ways to Embrace Just Silence

    There are times when we just need silence in order to regroup from the day that we had before. If we continue to go on without silence you might find […]