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Holding the Sun

How To Stay Motivated

At times in our life we need to cultivate motivation to work towards our goals, here’s several ideas you can contemplate to cultivate your motiv ...


Have Healthy Values In Your Life and Prosper

Let’s take a few moments talk about the values that you have in your life. Review your personal values. How do you think you would define your own v ...


5 Ways To Increase Your Intelligence

Some people are born intelligent while others work their way to it. It is a common misconception that you are born with intelligence and you live with ...

  • meditation
    5 Ways You Can Benefit From Meditation

    Meditation can help you out in so many ways. It not only helps you out mentally but it can even help you physically. There are a variety of ways in […]

  • Which-Are-the-Best-Natural-Supplements-for-Depression-and-Anxiety
    5 Herbal Remedies for Depression

    Before I go into the 5 herbal remedies for depression let me take this time to say that if you suffer with depression then I encourage you to seek out […]

  • Overcoming-Depression
    5 Easy Ways To Overcome Depression

    We have all faced hurt, disappointment, anger and sadness. Sometimes these feelings happen to be a very natural response emotionally to what is going on around you. You might even […]