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Holding the Sun

How To Stay Motivated

At times in our life we need to cultivate motivation to work towards our goals, here’s several ideas you can contemplate to cultivate your motiv ...

Be Yourself

5 Ways To Make Today Better Starting Right Now!

Stretching Stretching is a great way to loosen yourself up and get the blood flowing through your body efficiently. This will benefit you even more so ...


3 Goals That Will Change Your Life and Make You Lucky

There are some people in life who seem to get everything and they are just extremely lucky but then you have those that just no matter what never get ...

  • self-confidence
    5 Ways To Boost Up Self Confidence

    Self confidence can help you to achieve the impossible. When you are feeling self confident about something then you can push all of those feelings of fear away and do […]

  • fall_garden_more__10_(rev 1)
    4 Reasons Why Fall Gardening is Fun

    If you love the fall and need to garden this time of year you will find that there are a lot of benefits that comes with it. Fall is a […]

  • Autumn foliage reflection on lake in rural Pennsylvania
    How Fall Colors Can Improve Your Mood

    In fall the air starts to get cold and people’s mood often times start to change and some experience seasonal depression throughout the fall and winter months. A lot of […]

  • rich-money-bag-grab-destiny
    Become Rich By Believing That You Can

    Let’s say the insurance companies keep calling you because you owe them money. You might ignore their calls from not having enough of it. Your faith starts to waver. You […]